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Hello my name is Rosemary Christie and I have been a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist since 1991. I am also a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer, Science of Mind Practitioner and author of Knowing The Secret.
I have introduced Gastric Band Hypnosis into my practice and have had great success over the last 3 years.

Free Therapy - Intuitive Problem Solving Hypnotic Therapy (IPSHT)

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I am asked why I became a therapist. I explain many years ago, I had lots of complaints and I had felt completely let down by orthodox treatments. So I set to work to find cures for my catalogue of symptoms. In 1984 I learnt a form of relaxation which was to change my life. I then went on to become a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and gather the tools of my trade.

I have walked in the shoes of many, I know what it is like to suffer and so I have deep respect and understanding for those who pain in anyway. Because I have walked in the shoes of many this enables me to understand people and how they feel, and allow them to know that no problem is silly as some clients say when they first contact me, but very important and relevant.

Whatever your problem, it is natures way of saying, “I am hurting I need help”.
Also what makes me a good therapist is that I do not follow just one discipline as many therapist in my line of work do. I have a tool bag of many therapies which I use in conjunction with hypnosis. Everybody is different; everybody has a different story to tell every body is unique.

I am also forever updating my work, as I learn I impart my knowledge to others. My Four session therapy is unique only to me and it takes you on a journey. There is a saying "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.” “Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” my therapy feeds one for a lifetime.

My therapeutic practice is a compendium - the outcome of 21 years explorative work which I have used myself. I use hypnosis as the core of my therapy because it can get to the seat of the problem quickly and efficiently. I also use a ‘Metaphysical Approach’; Metaphysics explains that the mind creates all our diseases - from the physical to the emotional. Clients can in a very short time experience a transformation.